Engine Gaskets

The Pride Head Gasket range includes everything you need to repair or restore your engine. From single gaskets to full sets, pride gasket components are precision engineered to exacting standards to ensure a perfect fit, peak performance and longevity.

Your engine is the beating heart of your pride and joy. To maintain reliability and performance it is critical to prevent cross contamination of fuel, oil, air, coolant and exhaust gases within the engine.

Gaskets play a vital role in this process. Engineered from various materials including silicone, rubber, paper and cork; The gasket provides a perfect seal between joining hard components such as cylinder heads and manifolds that would otherwise be prone to leakage.

All gaskets naturally wear over time and should be checked regularly for damage and leaks.

Engineered to withstand harsh conditions including extreme temperatures, high pressure and chemical exposure; Choosing a Pride gasket set ensures trouble free motoring for many years to come.

We take pride in your joy.

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